Free Research Sites

For records we’ve got church books, family bibles, court records, land records, military records & newspapers (birth, marriage, divorce & death announcements).  We’ve got birth certificates, marriage licenses, census’, death certificates & funeral home records.  Eventually we got social security records therefore we got a SS death index.  And we’ve got headstones.  If you can […]

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US Cemeteries

Anybody who knows US history knows the first white European colony to attempt this place didn’t make it.  That would be the lost colony of Roanoke.  And that would include the first white American Virginia Dare. The second colony was Jamestown.  And Jamestown did not happen over night.  They sent a small boat with a […]

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Family Community or Family Group?

If these 2 were my only options I’d go with a community.  Why?  For a few reasons actually. To create or join a group you also have to join the website hosting the group – like Facebook or Yahoo or Google – etc.  Email groups are even worse then social community groups.  If you use […]

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Steer Clear of

I’m obviously into genealogy & while searching Google for various things I’m constantly stumbling across this site called  Well it happened again today.  I was looking for one of my dad’s ex-wives & found her there.  Under “family & friends” they listed a few people including my dad & my younger brother.  So I […]

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Living People

A few weeks back I was searching & stumbled across me & my younger brother’s full names & birthdays in a total stranger’s tree.  If I’ve never met the man then I know we didn’t give him permission.  Most if not all security sites tell you not to post personal info online but he posted […]

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Find A Grave

Back in the day cemetery census takers would go from cemetery to cemetery & record every readable headstone they could find.  Then they would publish their findings in a book, a copy of which would be kept in the local library, historical society or genealogical society.  And that book would be a reference book, one […]


Free Genealogy

There’s really no such thing. In the beginning we had church records & family bibles, court & land records. Eventually we added BC’s, marriage licenses, census, DC’s & obits. If the buildings housing these records weren’t lost & the records still exist some will be kept in libraries &/or historical societies. Very few of these […]


Gone But Not Forgotten

One of my older 1/2 brothers LOVES to hunt. One day while walking through the woods he stumbled across about 4-5 headstones. The next time we were out that way he showed them to me & I got pics. Eventually I posted my tree online then discovered Find A Grave. After I discovered Find A […]

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Gedcom Files – What are they and what do you do with them?

They’re all your genealogy info saved into one file. You can either take that file & upload it to an online tree like the ones at or Tribal Pages. Or you can download a genealogy software to open & view it with. Once such software is called Personal Ancestral File (PAF) & you can […]

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Testimonial from Jackie

Dawn is a long time friend and I asked if she could get some info on my family history. Well she worked countless hours and found names of relatives and places of birth and deaths and pictures of actual headstones that even my parents have never seen. I would never be able or frankly want […]

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